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Coach House @ VanderMarck

Experience the perfect blend of luxury, convenience, and connectivity at at The VanderMarck’s Collingwood corporate retreat. We’re excited to introduce our latest project, the Coach House, a venue designed with meticulous attention to detail.

Together, Great Things happen!

The VanderMarck Coach House demonstrates our commitment to providing the best for our guests. As a pinnacle of luxury, this high-end meeting space is a fusion of modern functionality and timeless elegance.

Meetings and events

The Ideal Location

Nestled in the lively downtown of Collingwood and the heart of South Georgian Bay, The VanderMarck is the ideal venue for your gathering.

With a location at the intersection of Pine and Third Street, the neighbourhood is easily accessible on foot and boasts a range of amenities including stunning architecture, captivating art, fine dining restaurants, coffee shops, cocktail bars, and breweries.

Experience Unforgettable Gatherings at our Luxury Collingwood Corporate Retreat

Gather, Connect, and Inspire!

Whether it’s a family reunion, a brainstorming session for your corporate retreat in Collingwood, a workshop, or a social event, the Coach House is the ideal setting. Its adaptable layout, cutting-edge facilities, and stimulating ambiance will spark creativity, encourage teamwork, and make every event unforgettable.

Together, we can create extraordinary experiences. The VanderMarck Coach House is more than just a space—it’s about people, ideas, and the magic that happens when they converge.

Experience Our Luxury Collingwood corporate retreat

We’re thrilled to invite you to explore the elegance and sophistication of the Coach House @ The VanderMarck. Reserve your space today, and make your gatherings more memorable than ever!