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Coach House Event Venue

Elevate Your Corporate Retreat

Experience the perfect blend of luxury, convenience, and connectivity at The VanderMarck’s Collingwood corporate retreat at VanderMarck Coach House.

We’re excited to introduce our latest project, the Coach House, a venue designed with meticulous attention to detail.

Ready to level up your corporate retreat? Look no further! Dive into the perfect mix of history and luxury at VanderMarck Coach House in downtown Collingwood. Our Boutique Hotel is not your average spot—it’s an inspiring haven that seamlessly blends work mode with relaxation in a chic Scandinavian-inspired setting made just for your C-suite Team.

The Perfect Location

Collingwood, Ontario, emerges as the ultimate spot for intimate corporate retreats, packed with benefits. Nestled against the stunning backdrop of the Blue Mountains and Georgian Bay, Collingwood offers a picturesque setting that not only sparks creativity but
also provides a range of activities for team-building and that much-needed work-life balance. Unleash your team’s potential in a place that effortlessly combines practicality with charm. Get ready to plan your luxury corporate retreat at VanderMarck Coach House and lift your team to new heights of collaboration and success. Contact us today to chat about our fantastic corporate retreat venue and personalized packages that will
make your retreat truly unforgettable.

Inspiring Surroundings

Why choose VanderMarck Coach House for your corporate retreat?

Picture this—Collingwood and the Blue Mountains creating the ideal backdrop for your corporate retreat. Situated in the heart of downtown Collingwood, our Coach House meeting and events space uniquely blends historic charm and modern amenities, creating an environment that ignites creativity and innovation.

Team-Building Opportunities

Adventure awaits! Collingwood offers the perfect playground for fostering team camaraderie through year-round exploration. There’s something for everyone, from the beautiful beaches of South Georgian Bay to the winter sports haven of the Escarpment and Blue Mountains.

Experience Unforgettable Gatherings at Your Next Luxury Collingwood Corporate Retreat.

Group Rates Available.

Tailored Spaces

We’ve got spaces that cater to all your team’s diverse needs, from our well-equipped Coach House meeting room to spacious and cozy suites. The beautifully manicured grounds can even be your breakout area. Enjoy the flexibility to customize the space according to your agenda.

Coach House Features

Audio-Visual Equipment

An 85″ TV is available for presentations; the connection is by HDMI.

Furniture and Layout Options

Flexible seating arrangements and quality furniture that can be configured to suit different meetings and events, such as theatre-style, boardroom, U-shape, or classroom.

High-Speed Internet Access

Reliable and high-speed internet connectivity.

Catering Services

Catering services are available for meetings and events, ranging
from coffee breaks to full-course meals.

Professional Staff

Trained and experienced event staff to assist with planning and

Climate Control

Adequate heating, ventilation, and air conditioning to maintain a comfortable environment for attendees. The Coach House also features heated floors to ensure you are extra cozy.

Natural Lighting

High ceilings and front glass garage doors(can be opened, bringing the outdoors in) provide ample natural light to create a bright, airy, productive atmosphere.


The Coach House is accessible to individuals with disabilities.

Parking Facilities

Convenient and secure parking for Guests.

Outdoor Space

Access to the hotel’s Courtyard offers attendees opportunities for
relaxation and team-building.

Group Rates

Group Booking Discounts are available. For details, contact
[email protected]

Luxurious Accommodations

Give your team the VIP treatment with our luxurious suites, designed for pure relaxation and rejuvenation. After a day of productive sessions, unwind in style with privacy and comfort. Our Executive suites even have sitting areas for those creative conversations, ensuring a comfy and upscale stay for your team.

Sunset Point Park

Convenient Location

No stress here! A short drive from major cities like Toronto, Collingwood’s location minimizes travel stress, maximizing the time available for your retreat. Our downtown is bursting with charm, featuring historic architecture, vibrant shops, and cozy cafes, all just a stroll from Georgian Bay, creating a vibrant atmosphere for team members during downtime.

Embark on a journey to Collingwood and the Blue Mountains, and let us help plan your perfect C-suite Team Corporate Retreat at the VanderMarck Boutique Hotel. With our top-notch facilities and an ideal location, your next Corporate Retreat will be one the team talks about for years.

Gourmet Dining

Get ready to treat your taste buds. Collingwood’s culinary scene ranges from casual to fine dining, providing diverse and delightful options for team meals. Indulge in downtown dining experiences or savor curated catering options by Chef Justin of Cabin Kitchen, adding a touch of sophistication to your retreat.

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Ready for an extraordinary retreat experience? Elevate your next retreat by choosing The VanderMarck in the heart of downtown Collingwood. Book now to experience the perfect blend of productivity and relaxation for your team. Secure your ideal dates today and make your corporate retreat an extraordinary success!