Your Blue Mountain Getaway – A Couples’ Guide to Love and Adventure

There is nothing more romantic than a cozy mountain getaway for two. Beyond the luxurious, chic, and comfortable apartment-style accommodations at the VanderMarck, there is a world of romance, fun, and adventure to explore in the surrounding area.

If you can tear yourself away from the crisp linens and clean Scandinavian style and design of the rooms, Collingwood is a haven of natural beauty, and you will have no shortage of options of romantic activities at your fingertips.

Mountain resorts and towns are incredible for visitors year-round, as they boast a full four seasons’ worth of fun and activities.

Romantic getaway Collingwood
The VanderMarck boutique Hotel, Downtown Collingwood

Go for a Romantic Hike 

Pack a picnic, consult an experienced guide or map, and explore the plentiful and picturesque hiking trails through the Blue Mountains and Georgian Bay coastline.

You will be spoilt for choice with many paths and trails, whether you are experienced hikers or novices looking for light hikes and beautiful lookout spots.

The nearby scenic caves also offer breathtaking views and are perfect for taking photographs to memorialize your trip. Plus, you have to snap that mountain top selfie – or it didn’t happen!

Ensure you and your lover have the correct hiking gear by indulging in some retail therapy. Collingwood has excellent outdoor apparel stores to ensure you both look the part and are adequately prepared for an adventure.

Sail Away into the Sunset

For a romantic and relaxing afternoon, there is a vast array of boat-chartering options within the Southern Georgian Bay area, so if fishing is your love language, you are in luck.

There are also sunset cruise options available if sipping a flute of champagne while watching the sun slowly set is more your style.

In the summer, there are often more options and timeslots, with the additional option of joining a live-music cruise.

If a proposal is on your mind, you can also charter your very own boat and crew for an additional element of romance and privacy.

Some solo charters can also be fully catered so that you can pop the champagne afterward.

Collingwood Georgian Bay Cruise Sunset
Collingwood Terminals and Georgian Bay at sunset, Photo By:Jessica Crandlemire

Beach Break

One of the most cherished aspects of life in Collingwood is access to both the beach and the mountains; guests and locals have the best of both worlds.

Wasaga Beach, Northwinds Beach, Centennial Beach, and more. There are many to pick from, and whether you visit in the summer and enjoy a beautiful day splashing in the water and basking on the sand, or bundle up for a crisp and chilly autumn stroll, a day at the beach is always the perfect romantic getaway.

Wine Tasting

Another incredible benefit of living in such a versatile climate is the access to world-class wines. Take a break and visit a vineyard, sampling an array of delicious sips and bites.

One of the best things about visiting a vineyard is the ability to grow and challenge your tastes together as a couple and grow your wine collection at home.

Most vineyards will ship orders directly to your door so you can indulge in a sustainable (and delicious!) souvenir.

It is always romantic to have a special bottle on hand for special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, and announcements.

Hit the Slopes

If your visit is scheduled throughout the winter ski season, then it is always fun to purchase a pass and hit the slopes.

There are many lessons, rentals, and options for novices, and a super-fun date could be to book a double lesson and learn something new together this winter.

Blue Mountain Accommodations
Winter fun, checking into The VanderMarck Downtown Collingwood,

Spa Visit

Another great benefit of visiting a mountainous region is the abundance of spa options. Sore skier’s muscles may require some TLC, and there is no shortage of options.

You and your beau can get spoiled with every type of service possible. Some spas come with all-day packages so you can get pampered all day together and return home both rested and rejuvenated. This is always an excellent activity to plan at the end of your visit.

Sample Local Fare

Although each well-thought-out suite at the VanderMarck has a fully functional kitchen, not everyone wants to prepare meals while on vacation.

Fortunately, Collingwood is bursting with delicious culinary options; there is something for everyone – whatever your taste.

Many quaint shops and art galleries are scattered throughout the town, so spending a restful afternoon meandering is easy.

The town is well-known for its abundance of cozy pubs with roaring fireplaces, the perfect spot for a cuddle and a little digestif and nightcap.

Similarly, the mountain resort has a wonderful recreational area, perfect for shopping, wandering, and sampling delicious local fare.

Downtown Collingwood Gibson and Co, Photo By: Jessica Crandlemire

Hire a Photographer 

Many couples visit Collingwood to celebrate major milestones in their relationship, such as marriage proposals, anniversaries, and babymoons. Consider hiring a photographer to snap some special pictures to memorialize a memorable visit.

There are so many easy-to-access beauty spots around the area, perfect for special announcements or updating your home with romantic pictures.

Hot Air Balloon Ride 

Sometimes, there’s not enough time to see and do everything in one trip – however, we have you covered! Signing up for a magnificent hot-air balloon ride will ensure you see as much scenery as possible, from the Blue Mountain views to the beauty of Southern Georgian Bay.

Most hot air balloon trips take place at either sunrise or sunset to ensure the most beautiful views and stunning scenery photographs.

Starry Night Dessert Picnic

Pack a picnic blanket, a crisp bottle of your favourite champagne, some fuzzy throws and decadent desserts, then head out for a romantic evening of stargazing. The freedom from light pollution in the surrounding areas allows for beautiful and clear starry skies.

There are so many peaceful spots close to town, perfect for relaxing after dinner and taking in the stars.

If all of these ideas sound like the perfect fit for you and your partner, contact us to learn more about upcoming events and make a reservation, Pack your bags and get ready to disconnect to reconnect on your Blue Mountain getaway!