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Experience the Ultimate Relaxation: Blue Mountain Spa Packages to Indulge In

You have clicked, paid, and packed! Now, it is time to relax and recharge while on a South Georgian Bay vacation in Collingwood, Ontario.

After the harried rush to complete all those final work tasks and to get yourself on the road and headed into a vacation – walking into the beautiful suite at The VanderMarck feels like a breath of fresh air.

Now you are here and ready to enjoy yourself with relaxation firmly in your mind. Alongside the plethora of outdoor recreational activities, there are also many options for both spas and spa treatments available locally.

But what do you select? There are so many health and relaxation options. Which spa service is the best value and yields the most relaxation and health benefits?

Hydrotherapy and Thermal Spa

The benefits of hydrotherapy and thermal spas are world-renowned for their relaxation and health benefits. Within the Collingwood area is the infamous Scandinave Spa Blue Mountain, recognized for its luxurious spa nestled within 25 acres of lush natural habitat.

Immerse your senses in an unparalleled world of relaxation and physical and mental rejuvenation at the Scandinave Thermal Spas. This cutting-edge and luxurious thermal spa is the epitome of luxury and well-being.

As outlined, the methodology of hydrotherapy is well known, and the transformative power of water therapy can melt away stress, tension, and any aches and pains. The serene treatments provide a therapeutic escape amidst a lush forest greenery.

The Scandinave Spa combines state-of-the-art hydrotherapy jets and massage treatment options that cater to your every need.

The soothing water therapy promotes healthy circulation (perfect after a long flight or hours of sitting at a desk!), eases muscle discomfort, and fosters an unmatched sense of peace and tranquillity.

Beyond the blissful escape from digital distraction and everyday stresses, the spa treatment delivers long-lasting benefits such as improved sleep and reduced joint pain and promotes an overall feeling of well-being.

The Scandinave is a solid choice for our VanderMarck guests – for the backdrop alone! This refreshing sanctuary is incredibly well-rated and offers a perfect escape. Even better, special packages are available through the VanderMarck.

A Complimentary Skin Analysis and Customized Treatment Plan

North Medical focuses not only on skincare but also on the health of your skin. If you’re concerned about pore size, UV damage, wrinkles, and more, the specialists at North Medical are there to help.

Your visit starts with a comprehensive consultation so you can make informed choices for your treatments. There is a wide range of treatment categories to choose from, including cosmetic injectables, laser treatments, skin tightening, light treatments, and massage.

Unique treatments like Biologique Recherche facials, Morpheus, Forma, BBL Forever Young, MOXI, and Belkyra are also available.

Traditional Spa Services in a Luxury Setting

Woman getting a back massage

The Living Shore Spa is a part of the Living Water Resort, located right on the shores of Lake Huron. The four-star resort is the epitome of luxury and elegance and features Collingwood’s only waterfront dining establishment.

The 5000-square-foot spa is where tranquility meets luxury in an idyllic, serene lakeside location. Nestled on the shores of the stunning Georgian Bay, merely a few miles from The VanderMarck, the spa invites guests to unwind, unplug and rejuvenate.

The Living Shore encourages guests to immerse themselves in a world of relaxation with a full menu of signature spa treatments tailored to carefully soothe tired bodies, minds, and spirits.

The great benefit of the Living Shore Resort’s range of services is that it broadly incorporates all types of services, from hydrating facials to an entire range of massage styles. Hence, any preference you have will likely be met here.

The spa has thoughtfully curated amenities such as steam rooms and therapeutic pools that overlook a beautiful lake setting – all of these elements help transport you to a state of bliss and relaxation.

The spa is conveniently located within the town of Collingwood and offers an array of couples services, too, which is a great option.

Float Away

One of the most incredible things about stepping away from the dull grind of everyday life is the ability to try new things – and have the time to truly reflect on how you feel about them.

There is a reason that most New Year’s resolutions involve exercise and spending more time doing things that serve and nourish our souls: we don’t do those things enough. 

The Cedar and Sage Spa is located centrally in Collingwood and close to the beauty of the bay. The wellness resort offers various wellness services, including yoga, massage, and float therapy. For an idyllic day – why not try all three?

A trifecta of bliss and relaxation. Start with a soft and meditative yoga session followed by a perfectly curated massage to meet your needs, completed by an all-encompassing sensory journey into a deep state of relaxation.

Sound good? Can you even imagine how great you will feel after these treatments? Cedar and Sage is the perfect antidote to overworked and overstimulated.

Float therapy is recognized for its pain-relieving benefits and its ability to ease anxiety and encourage relaxation and rejuvenation. Check out our special Cedar and Sage spa packages.

Young woman with her hair up in a towel and eye patches at a salon

A Holistic Skincare Retreat

SEED, a holistic spa in downtown Collingwood, combines ancient healing techniques with modern technology and high-quality botanical products to transform the skin, mood, and soul.

SEED offers a range of services and facial packages. Many packages include Gua Sha, an ancient healing technique that clears blockages, “creating space and movement in the underlying structures, so the skin can better function.”

Other package elements include enzyme exfoliation, facial cupping, lift and sculpt facial massage, shoulder and head massage, and buccal massage.

If you’re unsure which package is the best for your skin, don’t worry. You get a customized recommendation when you come for your appointment.

Pamper in Style

For a luxury beauty salon experience, book a wonderful beauty session at Pamperme Day Spa. The beautiful appointment spa in downtown Collingwood boasts many beauty services, such as manicures, pedicures, and waxing.

The beautiful salon also offers facials and massage services, which adds to an incredible suite of services. The spa has an array of group packages, perfect for a romantic couples retreat and if you are indulging in a memorable girls’ trip.

The salon exclusively partners with top products that boast clean and green ingredients. Another wonderful touch is the ability to combine a lunch service between treatments, which adds a sense of occasion to your visit.

Without a doubt, these all sound fantastic! So, put yourself and your wellness first and book a trip to our serene mountain town. The VanderMarck is the perfect location for a well-rounded trip of self-discovery, relaxation, and adventure.