Mill Pond and water fountain, Blue Mountains Village

The Ultimate Guide to a Relaxing Blue Mountain Summer Vacation

I don’t know about you, but as soon as the mountains appear, coupled with the glittering deep blue hue of the water, mountain life automatically relieves me of the everyday stresses of life.

That is the point, too. Most people book themselves a mountain retreat for just that: to unplug, disconnect from work life, and reconnect with their personal life.

To ensure you have the most restful and relaxing mountain escape, follow the directions and steps below to make the most of your break!

Enjoy the Luxury Accommodation

Booking a luxury suite at The VanderMarck is one less thing for you to worry about or prepare for. Each suite is designed with Scandinavian functionality and style and embellished with opulent touches such as high-end linens, custom photography, carefully sourced handmade bath products and designer furniture.

So bring that book you have been meaning to read for months, take a deep breath and take the time you never have to complete a crossword puzzle or relax with some mindful journaling.

Enjoying the well-equipped suite should be a part of your trip rather than a hasty stopgap between summer activities. There will be no linens to wash, no meals to cook (unless you want to!) and no laundry to swap. Just laid-back and comfortable luxury, serene views and well-deserved peace and quiet!

Explore the Abundance of Nature

Some of the most relaxing summer activities in Collingwood involve heading towards the great outdoors! The area surrounding The VanderMarck is rich with opportunities to get outside and enjoy the stunning views and some fresh air.

You have so many options ranging from taking a refreshing dip in the South Georgian Bay, beachcombing at Northwinds Beach or Wasaga Beach, checking out the hiking trails, paddle boarding, or mountain biking.

Or, try exploring the Scenic Caves Nature Adventure Park, check out the mountaintop Segway tours, hop on the Ridge Runner mountain coaster, or give the Timber Challenge high ropes course a go.

Before heading to the area, it is best to check the calendar and weather so you can pack your outdoor attire and footwear carefully. The Blue Mountains boast a diverse and exciting four seasons, each with its own set of unique seasonal activities.

Indulge in Some Retail Therapy

In regular life, shopping trips are often harried affairs squeezed between other appointments and engagements with a focused purpose or outcome that needs to be met.

Enjoy a relaxing afternoon to wander around the town center’s small shops and local businesses. There is a wonderful mix of art galleries, unique boutiques and antique stores, an excellent way to wile away the hours.

Alongside your shopping route, take some time to stop for gourmet coffee and an indulgent dessert – you have nowhere to be and nothing but time to relish, relax, and recharge.

Book a Spa Day

Zen stones, candles, and flowers at a spa

One of the best things about ‘vacation mode’ is the ability to spend a little time and focus on yourself. Mountain towns have plentiful options for spas and treatments, and the Collingwood area has ample options to choose from!

Whether you are in the market for a hydrating facial or a two-hour deep-tissue sports massage, you will be spoilt for choice.

A nice vacation touch would be to book a longer spa service, such as an entire morning or afternoon. This treat is guaranteed to leave you feeling pampered and refreshed. Many spas also offer the option of fresh lunches and snack services to keep your reserves replenished.

Sip and Sample: Tipples and Brews

There are many advantages and benefits of living a mountainous lifestyle, but beyond the breathtaking scenery and landscapes are the perfect conditions for wineries and cideries. There is a vast array of wineries, cideries and breweries scattered around the region.

If you don’t fancy being the designated driver for your sampling adventure, there are lots of tours readily available that come with drivers, set maps and plans and often discounts for purchasing.

Many local establishments and businesses offer a ship-to-home service, too, so you don’t have to worry about carefully boxing and shipping your sippable souvenirs.

There are many more accessible food and beverage options within walking distance around town – many of these venues feature local wines, beers and ciders. So, if your schedule can’t accommodate a full tour, you still have plenty of opportunities to try some local produce.

Stretch and Breathe

If there are two things that are synonymous with one another, it is relaxation and yoga. Yoga focuses on soft movement, deep breaths, stretching and reflection.

The whirlwind of regularly scheduled life and social responsibilities often leads to people neglecting their bodies, and booking a few vacation yoga sessions is the perfect antidote.

If you have never tried, vacation classes are the perfect place to dip a toe into the serene world of yoga.

Woman doing outdoor yoga with mountains in the background

Take a Scenic Drive

When your legs are utterly worn out but you still have landscapes to see – sometimes taking a leisurely drive can allow you to see plenty of beauty spots around the area.

See the beautiful Southern Georgian Bay area, Blue Mountain Village, Craigleith Provincial Park, and explore the Niagara Escarpment region, all from the comfort of your car.

One of the best parts of exploring by car is the ability to follow your own schedule and stop at any random town, restaurant or beauty spot that captures your interest.

Similarly, if you have a passion for photography, photography equipment can be heavy and travelling by car can ease the exertion factor.

Keep an eye out for wildlife!

Hit the Links

There are many golf courses in the Blue Mountains, but Duntroon Highlands may be the most beautiful. This course features stunning views of the South Georgian Bay and an adventurous course with a dramatic landscape.

There’s also plenty of fun to be had if golf’s not your thing. The surrounding highland forest is full of babbling brooks and escarpment dolostone.

There are 15 km of gently rolling trails to explore, and when you’re done, you can enjoy a hearty meal and a glass of wine, local cider, or beer at the Cafe.

Try Some Local Cuisine 

Being home to both the Southern Georgian Bay and the mountains results in some truly delectable cuisines. The dining options locally and around the region are diverse – and delicious!

Whether you are looking for a fine dining experience or a funky chef’s concept food truck, you can find it all locally.

Many establishments offer tasting menus to offer a full palette of the region. If you are an avid foodie, it is always best to follow local social media to ensure you know about all festivals, markets and local foodie events.

You have probably googled multiple times and looked up various activities and restaurants. But do yourself a favour and do something for you – contact us to book today!