Thornbury Harbour, Collingwood, Blue Mountains, Ontario, Canada

Boutique Hotels Ontario: The Perfect Blend of Luxury and Comfort

When contemplating visiting boutique hotels such as the VanderMarck, you are likely evaluating the pros and cons of indulging in a more upscale experience. There is a huge difference between staying in a hotel for somewhere to stow your belongings and sleep versus booking a retreat to escape to.

Our comfortable and private accommodation spans three floors and features Scandinavian-styled interiors that emanate functionality and cozy luxury. The suites include gas fireplaces and balconies to help guests relax and unwind.

Still not sold? Read on to solidify your choice to elevate your travel experience from the hustle and bustle to unparalleled relaxation, luxury, and personalized services.

These elements lend themselves to a one-of-a-kind escape that transcends your typical travel experience.

Elevated Accommodation Experience

One of the most important elements when considering booking a boutique hotel is understanding the refined luxury of the accommodation vs. your typical hotel experience.

The Vandermarck was designed with modern comforts while embracing the cozy mountain town feel. Each carefully designed suite was curated for you with the concepts of privacy, comfort, and style.

This is apparent from the completely wireless suite and no check-in desk to deal with – just easy access to your luxurious abode.

Each suite is meticulously designed and is a sanctuary of style featuring designer furniture, plush bedding, bespoke artwork, and modern amenities. You will be enveloped in refinement and tranquillity when you step through the door.

Within most rented accommodations, you will shower, drop your bags, and want to leave the guest room. The VanderMarck experience is unique, where the accommodation is a part of your travel experience.

Sit Back and Enjoy the Silence

It has probably happened to you, too: you check into your hotel room, lay on the bed, and take a deep breath, ready for some rest and relaxation.

And, then, it starts. The chatter and laughter of an excited family next door, the persistent ding of the corridor elevator, and the casual slamming of guest room doors.

These inconveniences are never meant to spoil your rest, but they certainly do. Have you ever left a hotel room exhausted after a dreadful night’s sleep? At the VanderMarck, we have already thought of this. Our guest rooms are peaceful, quiet, and serene.

Curl up with a good book by the cozy fire, or stretch out on the balcony and watch the world meander by. We value your privacy and peace, which is exactly why we do not have an on-premise concierge. Our team is, of course, just a call or text away – at your beck and call as needed.

If eating out is even a step too far, no problem – order delivery to the suite and dine in! You have a world of modern amenities at your disposal in Collingwood so that you can focus on yourself.

Luxury in the Heart of Collingwood

Hurontario Street, the main shopping street in Collingwood, Ontario

Nestled in the vibrant heart of Collingwood are the luxurious VanderMarck suites. The town is situated on the Southern shore of the beautiful Georgian Bay on Lake Huron.

Collingwood is a bustling town with easy access to local attractions such as Lake Huron and the magnificent Blue Mountain range. The town has top-class cuisine, galleries and the creative arts, shopping, boutique coffee spots, and cozy bars.

All of these comfortable modern amenities are a slow amble from the VanderMarck retreat, so you can enjoy the town features without breaking a sweat.

Culinary Experience

Beer flight ready for tasting

The town of Collingwood is rich with culinary options and experiences. The rich local landscape shapes the local cuisine and features abundant fresh fish, meats, vegetables grown locally, and adult beverages from the wide array of vineyards, breweries, and cideries.

Although each well-equipped VanderMarck suite has a spacious and full kitchen, some guests might not feel the need to cook – and those guests have a variety of options at their fingertips.

Local menus feature meals inspired by local favourites and flavours but also showcase more global influences, too. Whether you prefer humble home cooking or a culinary experience, you will find something to meet your tastes in Collingwood.

There are a lot of possibilities to enjoy chef’s table experiences and sample platters of local goods. Similarly, many local bars and restaurants offer flight samples of locally produced wine, beer, and cider, so you’re sure to find a restaurant or dining experience that’s perfect for you.

Pamper Yourself

While unwinding and staying at the VanderMarck, we greatly recommend taking your relaxation further and booking yourself into a local spa.

Locally, there are many spa facilities perfect for indulging in a little vacation treat. You can have full-day spas, half-day spas, wellness centers and more! Whatever treatment you seek, you will find a luxurious option in Collingwood to meet your needs.

Personalized Service, Tailored to Meet Your Needs

One of the key differentiators of booking a boutique retreat versus a hotel stay is the completely curated experience for our guests.

Recommended activities and reservations for our guests – check! Bespoke linens and sheets in our guest rooms – check! Our carefully personalized experience aims to transcend typical expectations to ensure our esteemed guests have the best possible stay.

Our completely wireless suites provide ubiquitous suite coverage for business guests, making working remotely from the office a breeze.

Book an Unforgettable Stay Today

Seize the day, create your perfect Georgian Bay vacation, and take a break in our boutique hotel! Every single detail within the luxurious suites has been curated with your needs and ultimate relaxation in mind.

Book now and transcend from ordinary to extraordinary!