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Collingwood Spa Guide: Where to Go and What to Expect

Nestled against the stunning backdrop of the blue mountains and the magnificent shores of the Georgian Bay, Collingwood is known to be a haven of tranquility and breathtaking natural beauty.

Naturally, when people book a trip to this little oasis, they do so to unplug, recharge, and rest.

Our charming town, renowned for magical landscapes, offers an abundance of picturesque vistas, beautiful waterfronts, and lush greenery, encouraging our visitors to unwind, slow down, and embrace a break from their hectic schedules with a slower pace of life.

Collingwood is a sanctuary for those yearning for a break from hustle and bustle. A vast array of relaxing leisure pursuits is available to Collingwood guests.

These can range from leisurely strolls around the lake, tackling peaceful hiking trails, or the soft and powdery slopes throughout the winter months.

One of the biggest vacation treats is to book a luxurious spa day and indulge your senses (and tired muscles!) with a day of rest, relaxation, and recovery.

Fortunately for our Vandermarck guests, Collingwood and the surrounding areas are chock-full of serene spas and treatment centers. Whatever treatment you are looking for, you are sure to find it close by.

Here is a summary of the top local spas we recommend our guests explore.

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Scandinave Spa Blue Mountain

For the ultimate relaxation experience with spectacular views of the Niagara Escarpment, The Scandinave Spa does not disappoint.

The treatment facility is nestled in the heart of nature, featuring a serene and picturesque scenery. The stunning venue provides unique thermal hydrotherapy services.

If you are unfamiliar with hydrotherapy treatments, they utilize water, pressure jets, and alternating hot and cold temperatures.

The treatment is perfect for relaxation alongside soothing aching muscles that might’ve been hitting the trails too hard – or, more often than not, ailments of work desk-related fatigue.

The Scandinave features a circuit of hot baths, refreshing and invigorating waterfalls, traditional wood-burning Finnish saunas, and eucalyptus steam rooms. It very much is an indulgence of all senses.

The spa’s nuanced architectural style featuring rustic fire pits and waterfalls allows it to harmonize with the outdoors and enables guests to enjoy their treatments fully. The spa offers comprehensive massage and therapy options alongside the extensive outdoor hydrotherapy area.

This spa option is the perfect fit for a guest yearning for peace, relaxation, and nature. It is the ideal blissful antidote to the grind, and a special package is available for VanderMarck guests.

Cedar and Sage

Cedar and Sage is not your typical spa. This unique wellness centre is a one-of-a-kind South Georgian Bay destination where guests can experience a range of holistic treatments.

Indulge in float therapy for a heightened sense of relaxation, or sign up for a registered massage that can help with everything from pain relief to poor posture.

Guests can also visit the hot yoga studio or sign up for a Reiki or acupuncture session. Athletic therapy and reflexology services are also available, along with multiple facial packages.

Guests of the VanderMarck are eligible for a special massage and float package as well as discounts on other services.

North Medical

For an exceptional skin care journey, look no further than North Medical. This Collingwood spa is the place to go if you’re worried about UV damage, pore size, wrinkles, and more.

Your visit starts with a comprehensive consultation concerning your skin health to empower you to make informed choices about your treatment options.

Speaking of treatment options, North Medical offers a wide range of choices for skin health, skin tightening, laser treatments, light treatments, cosmetic injectables, and massage.

Whether you’re looking for a chemical peel, laser hair removal, Botox, lip plump, dermal fillers, or massage therapy, North Medical is your local destination.

For the Love of Ice

For the Love of Ice is a unique ice bath and breathwork studio, opening its new location in Collingwood in Spring 2024.

Founder and SHERPA Master Trainer Gillian Simpson and her crew guide individuals, couples, or groups through breath work, cold exposure, and contrast therapy.

This practice can have many benefits, including relief of depression, anxiety, and inflammation, as well as mood enhancement and sleep improvements.

Multiple types of sessions are available at this gorgeous setting overlooking the Blue Mountains, and a one-of-a-kind vibe you have to see to believe.

Other services include vitamin C shoes, redlight therapy, BrainTap, and Neurospa therapy. Stay tuned for special packages for VanderMarck guests.


The IWA spa is conveniently located right within the Blue Mountain Village. The name IWA is an acronym for Inspire Wellness Always, and the range of treatments and services offered here truly reflects their mantra. 

Guests can indulge in ‘one of a kind’ yoga practiced on a volcanic hot rock or a massage featuring custom-made lotions and oils to cure what ails ya!

This luxurious retreat also features a beauty bar that offers full salon services such as manicures, pedicures, and blowouts.

With the array of services available, this spa is the perfect fit for someone yearning for a bit of pampering – the pairing of massage and facial services combined with a visit to the beauty bar would be the perfect couple’s activity in preparation for a romantic date night. 

Vortex Wellness

If you ever read about new and innovative wellness treatments and always think, I’d love to try that if I had the time – now is your time!

Vortex is a fascinating wellness studio that offers an array of exciting and cutting-edge treatments. The studio provides infra-red treatment, somadome services, relaxation and meditation journeys, compression therapy, and seqex treatments – to name a few!

So, if you have ever been curious about these services’ medical, physical, and mental benefits, come and try them out. This spa also has a super-easy online booking system, making reserving services a breeze.

Book a Mobile Massage Therapist

Women getting a massage

The VanderMarck is heavily styled on Scandinavian luxury combined with functionality.

Between the luxury linens, designer furniture, bespoke art pieces, and serene backdrop, the comfortable accommodation already gives off some spa vibes – but you can take that one step further and bring the spa to you!

If you feel the cozy hibernation theme but don’t want to miss out on a top-notch spa massage, then a mobile massage session is probably the right choice for you.

Pop some relaxing tunes on the sound system and unwind with an at-home treatment.

Booking is easy, and your licensed and experienced massage therapist will provide everything you need for a relaxing and indulgent experience – no shoes required!

Living Shore Spa

For a traditional and high-end spa experience, consider booking a retreat at the Living Shore Spa, a part of the Living Water Resort and Spa situated on the serene waterfront.

This location is conveniently just over a mile from The VanderMarck, so getting to and from the spa is simple and easy. Another wonderful benefit of the spa being so close to the accommodation is the ability to fit it in with other activities if your schedule is full.

The expansive 5000-square-foot spa features treatments such as massages, exfoliating body polishes, and nourishing facials alongside other beauty services such as manicures and pedicures.

Spas that offer therapy and beauty treatments are always very convenient for those looking for a real indulgent pairing – relaxation and pampering.

The spa also offers great deals for couples’ treatment sessions, which is a wonderful way to bond with your spouse and book yourselves something special to start or end your trip together.

If a break to Collingwood sounds more and more appealing, then reach out and make a booking today. Relaxation is just a few clicks away!