Young woman getting a massage at a spa

Spa Getaway Ontario: The Ultimate Spa Guide to Pampering Yourself and Your Partner

Your bags are packed, and your “Out of Office” is firmly on. But what do you do on your relaxing vacation for two? Don’t worry – we have you covered with our comprehensive guide on how to relax, indulge, and unwind in and around Collingwood, Ontario.

Whether you are visiting in the summer, winter, spring, or fall, there is a vast array of seasonal activities to enjoy alongside year-round treats, which work whatever the season.

Do you remember those vacations that you used to take as a youngster? You know, the ones where you might have booked accommodation without AC to save a little?

Thankfully, those days are long behind you, and you are ready to spend some time treating the person who works the hardest for you: you!

Indulge in Some R&R at a Luxurious Spa

Fortunately for guests of the VanderMarck, the variety of spas and treatments available within the area is astounding. You will literally be spoilt for choice regarding spa options and packages available – all year round.

As Collingwood has such a vast array of options, you can hone in on the type of spa package treatments offered, the spa’s aesthetics, and the location of the services.

Below is a list of some of the best spots.

Scandinave Spa Blue Mountain

Perfect for the couple who are hoping to get away from it all! This rustic and romantic getaway is an experience that cannot be missed.

The spa focuses on hydrotherapeutic techniques, and the spa itself is situated amongst a stunning natural backdrop. This spa is the ultimate getaway and wellness retreat.

The Scandinave Spa Blue Mountain is one of the most highly-rated spas in the Collingwood area, and the spa has to be seen to be believed.

Nestled in a deep and lush forest, the spa invites guests to relax and rejuvenate in an unparalleled habitat of serenity, peace, and tranquillity.

The retreat features hot and cold plunges, hydrotherapy techniques, and massage services. This is the perfect backdrop for relaxation, and a spa package is available when you stay at the VanderMarck.

Cedar and Sage

If you’re looking for something truly unique, Cedar and Sage offers a range of health and wellness services and is the only wellness centre of its kind in Collingwood and the South Georgian Bay area.

At this unique destination, you can indulge in float therapy for a distraction-free relaxation experience, find balance and inner peace with a reiki treatment, or sweat out your stress at a hot yoga session.

Other services include registered massage, acupuncture, reflexology, and athletic therapy. Cedar and Sage also offers multiple holistic facial packages to pamper yourself inside and out, from head to toe.

Guests of the VanderMarck are eligible for a special float and massage package and discounts on other services.

For the Love of Ice

Ice baths and cold water therapy have been growing in popularity, but at For the Love of Ice, Gillian Simpson and her team take this practice to a whole new level.

Cold exposure therapy may have many benefits, including improving energy, reducing muscle aches and joint pain, reducing inflammation, and improving sleep.

For the Love of Cold is opening its second Ontario location in Spring 2024, where it will offer breath work and cold exposure therapy for individuals, couples, and groups.

Other amenities include red light therapy, BrainTap, and Neurospa therapy. Special packages for VanderMarck guests will be available in Spring 2024.

Megan Forrest Esthetics

Megan Forrest Esthetics is Collingwood’s spray tan and Brazilian destination, but they offer many other spa beauty services, too.

Book an appointment with Megan and her team for brow lamination, brow waxing, skin consultations, facials, eyelash tinting, makeup, and microneedling. They also offer several services for the gentlemen, including back waxing, facials, and mani-pedis.


Coupling wellness and fitness is this spa’s prerogative. Every treatment and practice is tailored to the guest, so this spa is the ultimate experience for a little YOU time.

IWA Spa is an innovative and unique spa that caters to the idea of each guest having individualized needs and caters to them. Each service can be customized for client needs, including the lotions and oils used throughout the spa.

This spa also offers wellness services such as yoga, stretching, and meditation for the ultimate wellness getaway.

Living Shore Spa

For a traditional upscale spa experience, Living Shore Spa is right on The VanderMarck’s doorstep, and the spa/salon features every spa service you could possibly imagine.

The proximity of this spa makes it a convenient choice for a relaxing afternoon spa session and straight into a lovely dinner reservation.

The spa is a part of the Living Water Resort, situated right on the Bay; the spa resort features one of the only waterfront dining options in Collingwood.

Living Shore Spa has a full array of luxurious services, and the spa also features some beauty treatments so you can complete your day with a nice blow dry and walk out feeling pampered and preened.

Pamperme Day Spa

The Pamperme day spa is situated in the downtown Collingwood area, so it is very convenient to the VanderMarck. The day spa offers a wide array of services, including therapeutic, aesthetics, and beauty – so it is an excellent pick for someone looking for a wider range of services.

The location of the day spa also makes it easy for guests to select half-day visits easily, squeezing a little R&R in between other activities.

Millcroft Spa

When you are ready for some sightseeing and adventure, Alton, just over an hour away from Collingwood, is home to the Millcroft Spa. The Millcroft is situated amongst 17 acres of serenity and stillness.

Here, time stands still, and the stresses and tensions of your everyday life will simply melt away. The spa prides itself on offering an unparalleled immersive experience specifically designed to allow guests to unplug and rejuvenate mind, body, and spirit!

Their expert team of qualified professional therapists is dedicated to providing a unique and specialized service that caters to guests’ needs and ensures a blissful experience.

The spa treatments available range from massages and facials to whole-body scrubs and wraps – leaving you completely refreshed and pampered. One of the nicest aspects of the Millcroft is the harmonious marriage of luxury and lush outdoor scenery.

The spa features an outdoor pool and lounging areas, which provide the perfect escape from the norm!

Ste. Anne’s Spa

Amongst 400 acres of rolling hills, picturesque scenery, and lush greenery is Ste. Anne’s Spa. It offers world-class treatments that will leave every guest relaxed and refreshed.

Many of the local luxury spas around the Collingwood area very much marry indoor and outdoor scenery within their spas, which makes for such a tranquil and unique experience.

It is easy to see why these spa retreats are so popular, especially with visitors from large and bustling urban cities—the retreat at Ste.

Anne’s features luxurious touches such as an outdoor thermal bath and cleansing eucalyptus steam room combined with lush walking paths throughout the retreat.

Their philosophy is simple: wellness and nature are at the heart of the retreat. As a great additional feature, Ste. Anne’s also offers various wellness activities, such as guided meditation and yoga.

The facility also boasts a full-scale kitchen to whip up some healthy delights, should you wish to indulge in the full-day spa experience.

Here at the VanderMarck, we pride ourselves on being able to provide our guests with the best recommendations of services, restaurants, and activities in the local area.

With the plethora of options and recommendations for your Ontario spa getaway, you will surely find one that fits your needs!